Mazapan De La Rosa

Mazapan De La Rosa

Mazapan De La Rosa

Mazapan of Rosa. 30 pieces.


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Mazapan is a dulce of cacahuate or peanut confection. It is one of the most common candies to every culture is some sort of sweetened nut paste. Halvah, marzipan and if you throw in a little chocolate, gianduia, and all of their different variations.

It was crumbly. When you opene the package it cracked into several large pieces easily. It smells wonderful, like peanut butter cookie dough.

But instead of being spiky and crystalline like halvah, it was smooth and cool on the tongue, dissolving like peanut butter flavored icing sugar.

Oh, it’s sweet. It’s absolutely more sugar than peanuts. The peanut flavor is throughout with some little crunchy chunks here and there.

You will love the texture, though definitely not the mess.


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